Best Paid Emergency Medicine Resources

Best Paid Emergency Medicine Resources

FOAM (Free Open Access Medical education) is all well and good. But for the best resources on the net you gotta pay a little money. The best educators out there deserve a little bit of remuneration for their time and effort. Websites like LITFL are amazing and great for a quick look-up. Especially on shift. But for proper learning, revising and building a knowledge base you can't start there.

The most profitable resources online are probably the ones that offer both free and paid content anyway. This is certainly the case with businesses outside of medicine. This seems to be the direction things are taking.

I'm not affiliated with any of these companies/websites. I don't receive any commission from them for recommending them. These are simply services I subscribe to and pay for myself and I highly recommend them to others in my field.

These are the best resources online that I've found and the only ones I pay for currently:


EM-RAP is simply the best out there. Nothing else online can compare in terms of Emergency Medicine education.

EM-RAP has it's own app for all the podcasts, videos, and in-app textbook. Within EM-RAP they have SEVEN podcasts series (!!!). In particular I love:

C3 - Comprehensive Core Curriculum (Podcast)

I think this should be compulsory listening for all ED Registrars. I'd start listening as an RMO if I was planning to do ED.

Make this a part of your morning routine to listen to this as you get ready and/or on the way to work.

Crunch Time - EM (Podcast)

I'm currently listening to this a lot as I revise for the FACEM Fellowship Written exam. This is high yield and comprehensive


There are many procedure videos and explainers on the site/app. They range from HALO (High Acuity Low Opportunity) procedures like the Lateral Canthotomy to tips and tricks with more common procedures like IV access.

All the videos are very high production quality. No more grainy YouTube videos 'shot on iPhone' with terrible audio.


This is an ambitious project to make an online textbook accessible via the app. This is going really well and I'm very impressed by what's up there already.

In particular, they have played to their strengths with a very comprehensive section on COVID which is continually updated. On this alone it beats spending money on any textbook.

ECG Weekly Workout

Dr Amal Mattu is already one of the most renowned educators on ECG. His textbooks are the official textbooks recommended by ACEM for learning ECGs.

But for some of us who don't like textbooks so much his weekly video podcast is the perfect way to learn ECGs at a very low cost of just $26USD per year!


I first listened to this podcast as a medical student and I didn't find it very useful. Maybe I just was not the right audience at the time, because now as an ED Reg I listen to this all the time.

Most of the content is available for free, but I've decided to get the paid content as well by joining EMCrit as a 'non-CME' member.

Lots of great material here to really be a master of resuscitation and critical care.