About this site

There is a lot of Emergency Medicine educational content out there

The age of creation is over. Now it is the age of curation.

The Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) movement has swept the EM community and now we are blessed with a huge number of websites, blogs, podcasts, videos and online texts to learn from. But not all of these are of the highest quality.

Often frequently visited webpages come to the top of Google Search for certain queries, but a better result is buried down below.

My plan for this website is to showcase the best EM resources I find on the internet. In this way, I hope that over time this website will become a useful resource to learn from on its own.

The process of highlights and linking the best resources out there it will help Google's Search Engine to know which links should rank higher and then people will find those items more easily, with or without my website.